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I'm a Magic Lotus Flower~ [entries|friends|calendar]

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Been Forever [21 Sep 2007|04:15pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Eiji: Kim-chan you're baaack *hugs*

yeah it's been hell for me for the past 3 and a half weeks Eiji, and I bet heaven for you staying at Fuji's

Eiji: *blushes?* e? what makes you think that?

it's just so darn obvious, you didn't even visited me when I was all sick?!

Eiji: we didn't know kim-chan sorry

nevermind anyway I'm expecting another hell week next week

Eiji: huh?

well my dear eiji it just so happend one of our client is going here for a visit and I am assigned to be his tour guide

Eiji: can I tag along????

of course not silly it's pure business but you have my permission to go out and have fun

Eiji: well it's not much fun without you but alright, I guess I'll be staying at....

Ryoma's this time just want you to "try something new" *evil grin*

Eiji: *sweat drops*

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Hyde Spell [28 Aug 2007|09:01am]
[ mood | horny ]

hhmmmmm ever since the 3rd track on my MP3 list started playing ...... I have been playing the track on repeat for like, 14 times now @,@;;
Hitomi no Juunin (L'Arc~en~Ciel) rather has that "last song syndrome" effect on me....
sooooooooo hypnotizing ............. tempts me to change my icon into this:

and my layout into this:

Eiji: Hey I thought this was MY journal? (T,T) I'm no Hydeist

Kim: I know (^_^);; and neither am I don't worry I won't Hyde~omize your LJ ahehehheh

Eiji: sweet~ *hugs*

Kim: faints

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WISH LIIISSTTTT!!! [28 Aug 2007|08:21am]
[ mood | creative ]

ok I know It's been past 2 days since I updated Eiji and T-chan's LJ buuuut you see I have to update my own personal Journal as well hehheheh anyways I have a new Doujinshi Wish List ooohhh hope anybody could get them for me (^_~)V

this is the 1st one *drools*

2nd one (*_*)

3rd one (no am not asking for too much lol)

Eiji: hmmm those artists must've been spying on me and Fuji the whole time!

Kim: yeah and as if I'm not

Eiji: you were? (O_O);;

Kim: just kidding, I wish I was though *nosebleeds*

Eiji: *wipes blood*

Kim: Ok time for bubble bath

Eiji: Alright~!

Tsuzuku )">>

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Weekend Turtle [24 Aug 2007|04:30pm]
[ mood | busy ]

*yaawns* ok so for the millionth time I changed my layout again from this:

to whatever you're seeing now...
I really love this Lemon boys layout but I just can't figure out a better way to make my posts more readable... yeah I could make it opaque through PS CS2, but I'm just more of a snorlax during the weekends.... maybe I will edit it though..probably tomorrow or  when I have nothing else to do aside from eat, sleep and flirt with T-chan and Eiji (^_^);;V
IIIIII hhaaavvvveeeee soooooooooooooooooooo many fanfics to finish!!! all yaoi and lemons .... I need inspiration though or at least a firm decision on which ending to accept (yeah of course I have to ask my readers for their opinions) the really though ones I can't decide with is my fic with the eiji x fuji pairing.... tooooooo many suggestions it's making my head spin @_@;;.... In case you guys are wondering by the way, T-chan is still sleeping at this hour while Eiji had a sleep over at Fujin's last night *evil yaoi thoughts* so they are not butting in right now.... they probably will later though, hehhehe ok going to my fanfics update for now, later~

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Stupid Layout!!!! [23 Aug 2007|06:09pm]
[ mood | sore ]

T,T); aaaaaaaaarrrrrgggghhhhhhh ok so I LATE! as in 4 hours Late from my work?! why?

Eiji: ugmmm becuase you enjoyed my massage a lot last night and slept too long?

Kim: O_O;; ugmmmm aside from that reason of course (why, that's a reason to die for lol)

ok here's what happened (No I'm not posting what happened to that bubble bath nor massage...unless Eiji convinces me (again? or rather seduces me >_<;;)

First, I woke up just 8 minutes too late than my usual wake up call... ok I know I should've rushed to the office but frankly I don't know what the hell happened to me that I decided to make a couple of layout changes for Eiji's LJ

Eiji: awwwee how sweet Kim-chan *Huggggssss*

Kim: *Blushes then faints*

Anyways, my plan of a few seconds of layout editing turned into hours of layout horrors! damn! there's just too many tempting options!... I couldn't find any layout for you T-chan though, gomen *sob*

T-chan: baaaah baaaaah baaah baaaaah (it's ok, just feed me breakfast I want fresh babies your home made strawberry crepe)

Anyway again, I wanted a layout that has Lotus flower/s in it, I'm kinda addicted to Lotus flowers, so I changed it to this:

but then I found a better lotus layout so I changed it into this:

but then I realized it has the author's name embedded on it?!? I could edit it off photoshop...if I HAD THE TIME but I have to go to workie  soooo I decided to look for something else
and I found my old desktop wallpaper that has POT, Yaoiness and Lotus flower in one so I changed it again into this:

Soooo I'm supposed to be satisfied with it until I saw this irresistible Fuji X Eiji pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sooooooo
had to change it again to what is now my current layout.... yeah I know I should probably do something about the terrible hard to read font, I'll do it later after work though gotta rush! ja~

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Weak with temptations! [23 Aug 2007|09:39am]
[ mood | flirty ]

Ok ok so I gave in to temptation, (>_<); baaaaad T-chan, baaad Eiji.......but it felt good LOL anywaysss Pharynx's Fanfic has just been updated!!! My Promise
Actually it was updated the other day but WHY did I not noticed until just NOW?!? O,O;; 
Aside from the Eiji-Kim pairing hehehhheheh, my most favorite POT pair is Eiji-Tezuka
waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaai~~ can't wait to start reading!!!!
It's a pity though I am never able to finish MY own fics (X_x);; too many good ideas crowds my head till it hurts and I end up not choosing any of my evil yaoi mind generated endings *sigh*

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I want Ice cream!... on top of..... [23 Aug 2007|08:28am]
[ mood | awake ]

Ok I just got from work *yawn* ..... sooo hungryyyy and soo sleepyyyy

Kim: Tadaima!

T-chan: *baaaaaah* *baaaaah* (means welcome back Kim! in goat talk lol)

Kim: *hugsss* Hi T-chan did you missed me?

T-chan: *baaaahhh* (means I sure do!)

Eiji: Okairi nasai Kim-chan

Kim: *Blushes then faints* hhhhmmmm why do my stress always goes away when you greet me like that?

Eiji: How's work?

Kim: Sorry but even if you use your irresistible, drool-worthy, seductive antics I won't post anything personal here... well nonetheless I won't   stop you from convincing me *nose bleeds*

Eiji: ..... (^__^);;

Kim: Anyway after all I did promised myself that this would be yours and T-chan's LJ all spiced up with yaoi and bishie fantasies ne? but sorry if I'm a bit too tired to think of any yaoiness right now...

Eiji: I bet a good massage will get you in the mood (^__^)V

T-chan: *baaaaaaah* *baaaah *baaaaaaaaaah* (or a nice hot bath in the tub with us)

Kim: *Blushes, nose bleeds then faints* alright I'll give in~ (chance! LOL)

I'll get back later with a more significant  entry (^__~);;V ja~~~

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My first post waaaaiiii~~~ (^__^);V [22 Aug 2007|05:08pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

To start off.......I am rather irritated! (T,T) it's been a reaallyyyyyyyyyy long long long time since I made any online journal and I could hardly remember how to use CSS, HTML waaaaaaaaaaah I usually stick to the first theme I use on my journals so editing them really makes my head hurts!...anyway as I have said, this LJ will not be my personal so sorry guys :p ....this LJ will contain all my yaoiness fantasies and most specially my Eiji Kikumaru and T-chan's addiction. I know it's getting worse, FF.net just could not satisfy me hehhehheh. but nonetheless this LJ could contain some random facts about me of course.....but rarely will you see that here bwahahahahaahhahah!

Kikumaru Eiji:
from: Prince of Tennis
like: the band aid! LOL
dislike: is there?

from: Petshop of horrors
like: the horns! (yeah I loooove HORN-y guys LOL)
dislike: he eats babies! O,O;;

Kimi Lee Bae
from: nowhere in Manila
like: I don't know why people like me *batting eyelashes*
dislike: obsession with too many things LOL

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